On 6 February, Venezuelanalysis published this piece, which (among other distortions) includes a map claiming that most of the world supports Nicolas Maduro in the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis. There is no discussion of such changes, only "no, not that"-type "arguments". SPJ never gave The Washington Times an award. If both have the same standards, then both are acceptable. Recall that a claim in a patent, no matter how complex, consists of a single unreadable sentence. It doesn't necessarily mean "a majority" or "most" or even "a significant minority". GMG talk 19:21, (UTC) I edited out the copyvios myself, as I think you'd remember as you thanked me on the article. As the discussion progresses, I may clarify my position.- ZiaLater ( talk ) 01:05, (UTC) Option 3 : Their "About us" page has nothing to indicate journalistic credentials or editorial oversight (in fact, it reads like an advoacy org) 10 User-generated content: 11 Not. Otherwise, journalists' articles are considered reliable because of the editorial oversight and reputation of fact-checking by the source, which is not the case here.

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François Robere ( talk ) 09:00, (UTC) Not a good hypothetical, however hypothetically speaking a desk inside of a source may be extra reliable or extra unreliable in relation to the rest of the source. NitinMlk ( talk ) 19:38, (UTC) I would (personally) say no, its still a blog. Patents have the "Background of the Invention" section, which describes the area to which the patent belongs, the purpose of the invention, prior art, etc. Or just have a lengthy project of verify them one by one with the offline hard copy and add back many missing information? I don't doubt that over the years, even WT has put out four articles that could win a minor award in a minor category. The article from The Business of Fashion shows that Bustle is based on a non-staff "contributor model" similar to the ones used by m contributors ( RSP entry ) and HuffPost contributors ( RSP entry ). 1990'sguy ( talk ) 14:57, (UTC) 1990'sguy, what was the reward, from who, and when? It is without question that if we were to add a section or paragraph on archaeology we would search for a peer-reviewed journal or book published by a PhD from a known University. 1 2 3 4 The third reference is a book excerpt from page t it doesn't mention anything about protests, criticism, racism, cultural appropriation, or stereotypes and, therefore, doesn't belong here. It is propaganda designed to further a criminal regime, human rights violations, and a dictatorship.

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Key": His Manhattan awards partywhich showered accolades on categories such as No-Fee Card of the Year and Best Hotel Loyalty Programattracted guests such as figure skater Adam Rippon, Nobel Peace laureate Leymah Gbowee and pop star Bebe Rexha. BullRangifer ( talk ) PingMe 19:48, (UTC) I repeat (because you seem to have misunderstood the conditional in my statement). 3 My main concern right now is that much of the website is user-generated and opinion-based, affecting its reliability. So, to answer your question: no, we do not consider the whole source to be generally unreliable, even if sources suggest that the source as a whole is unreliable. Kingsif ( talk ) 14:29, 1 February 2019 (UTC) Not reliable. When we have sources presenting different viewpoints - goedkoop tantra massage groot even conflicting viewpoints - it is out job as editors to balance between the different sources - this is not a black and white task (reliable, not reliable) - but a question of WP:DUE and WP:W. To avoid original research, any interpretations of patents should cite a reliable secondary source. Malik Shabazz Talk / Stalk 02:15, (UTC) "Fox News corrections" brings up several instances of Fox correcting their news reporting that they mistaken. Prior to this discussion, the sources used were ONE person's beliefs, and interview/news article in a college paper about that person, a book whose reference doesn't address the statement, and a personal blog. Nou, dat is prima, maar dan moet je wel even zuigen aan de harde pik van deze mijnheer. Bhagawati Speak 21:31, (UTC) Goswami himself admits that Kamrupi dialect has not been the same for 800 years. Policy is written in anticipation of hypotheticals, and just as well - otherwise you'd have no ability to apply it whatsoever. However, a cursory search did not find any pages on Reference for Business that weren't sourced from Gale publications and Gale is known to license their content to other websites. I do not, however, see any editorial oversight or any process for publishing retractions or corrections, so I wouldn't offer a blanket "reliable" to the source. As for the rest, we use RS other RS use, and they use Keene because she is a valued expert, and despite your entirely empty and attacking statements against her for which you have no basis in fact nor logic, she should be so used. Dissident93 ( talk ) 04:50, (UTC) Its a blog, and generally blogs are only admissible if they are by acknowledged and respected experts in the field. Also: What's the policy basis or rationale of ignoring RS in this matter, as opposed to everything else? Feminist ( talk ) 07:39, 16 February 2019 (UTC) Option 2: Do they have an editorial policy, and how robust is it? Because instead of being a Latin American channel, as it had to be, it ended up being an external channel of Venezuela". The preferred format for starting a discussion here is to identify a specific source and the specific use of that source which is in question.

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Org edit Greetings, what is the relationship between m/maria_marsilli/14/ and the John Carroll University? The third is addressed in case #2. But back in 2010, the same people criticizing it for its commentators' ties to Trump criticized it for its commentators' ties to Republicans. ( talk ) 15:59, (UTC) Just another blog,. The banks and hotels paid the rest. Ronz ( talk ) 20:50, (UTC) Given that this is a wide-ranging problem, it has multiple components of problems: Blog as a source (I do not concur that the discussion was concluded as supporting a blog's inclusion) Citations added that do not support the. A few other users have taken issue with me tagging these, giving "it's widely used on Wikipedia" as a reason. Searching across more than 20 domains will result in missing search results compared to the standard Google Search. Masem ( t ) 00:18, (UTC) You can keep saying that until you turn blue, but it doesn't make it true.

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Gratis sexdate site sexjobs thuisontvangst Buffs ( voor 50 euro neuken gratis se talk ) 20:16, (UTC) If you're unable to take responsibility for starting this discussion and your part in it, then how do you expect to find any consensus? It gave awards to individual WT stories, in categories like Sports Column Writing (daily circulation under 100,000) 39, Public Service (circulation under 100,000) 40, and Deadline Reporting (circulation under 50,000) and Investigative Reporting (circulation under 50,000). And its more complicated. Ik verklaar minimaal 21 jaar te zijn, de algemene voorwaarden van Tease Media.V. Slatersteven ( talk ) 09:29, (UTC) Slatersteven yes we did have a recent RS discussion involving same editor which you helped in disposal which they did not agree, but subject and article was different.