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August edit Main article: August 1928 August 2 Italy and Ethiopia sign the Italo-Ethiopian Treaty. 2016 ) Gunnar Andersson, Swedish football player (d. 2012 ) May 16 Billy Martin, American baseball player, manager (d. 2017 ) Jim Rathmann, American race car driver (d. 2009 ) October 11 Geoffrey Tordoff, Baron Tordoff, English businessman, politician October 12 Dilbagh Singh Athwal, Indian geneticist, agriculturist (d. 2005 ) February 19 Onuora Nzekwu, Nigerian writer (d.

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2013 ) April 23 April 24 Tommy Docherty, Scottish footballer, manager April 25 April 27 April 28 Yves Klein, French artist (d. 1865 ) JulySeptember edit July 1 Frankie Yale, American gangster (b. May 7 Passage of the Representation of the People Act in the United Kingdom lowers the voting age for women from 30 to 21, giving them equal suffrage with men from July. 1957 ) August 16 Ara Güler, Armenian-Turkish photojournalist (d. 1890 ) September 13 Italo Svevo, Italian writer, businessman (b. 2002 ) Ali Kafi, Pakistani politician (d. 2012 ) September 7 Donald Henderson, American epidemiologist (d.

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athlete (b. "250,000 Slaves in Sierra Leone, Africa, Freed". 2005 ) March 30 March 31 April edit April 1 George Grizzard, American actor (d. South African flag May 31 South Africa adopts a new national flag, based upon the Van Riebeeck flag or Prinsevlag (originally the Dutch flag to replace the Red Ensign.

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1880 ) porno nll anonieme chat site March 21 Edward Walter Maunder, British astronomer (b. 1838 ) June 12 Salvador Díaz Mirón, Mexican poet (b. 1842 ) OctoberDecember edit October 1 Cecilia Eusepi, Italian religious leader and blessed (b. 2004 ) July 7 July 8 Pat Adams, American painter, printmaker Gordon Hill, English football player Balakh Sher Mazari, Pakistani politician, former Prime Minister Ángel Tulio Zof, Argentine footballer, coach (d. Distant Vision: Romance Discovery on an Invisible Frontier. 2016 ) Alan Rafkin, American television actor, director and producer (d. The Shaolin Monastery: History, Religion, and the Chinese Martial Arts. Salt Lake City: PemberleyKent. 2016 ) September 9 Sol LeWitt, American artist (d. 2011 ) Chung Won-shik, South Korean politician, educator, soldier, and author Dinesh Chandra Joarder, Indian politician (d. Dick, American science fiction author (d. 2019 ) June edit June 1 June 3 June 4 Ruth Westheimer, German-American sex therapist, film and television personality, and author June 5 Tony Richardson, English film, theater director (d. 9 April 22 An.0 earthquake affects southern Greece with a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX ( Violent leaving 20 dead, and destroying 3,000 homes in Corinth ; a non-destructive tsunami is also observed. 1859 ) December 14 December 16 Elinor Wylie, American poet, novelist paradise hotel deltakere 2018 sex historier dk (b. 2015 ) January 11 January 13 Bengt Gustavsson, Swedish footballer, manager (d. For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry." August 22 Al Smith accepts the Democratic presidential nomination, with WGY/W2XB simulcasting the event on radio and television. 2010 ) January 3 January 4 Maurice Rigobert Marie-Sainte, Martinique Roman Catholic clergyman (d. 1841 ) December 1 December 2 Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Governor-General of Australia (b. 1858 ) June 16 Mark Keppel, Superintendent of Los Angeles County Schools (b. June edit Main article: June 1928 June 3 American serial killer Albert Fish kidnaps and kills 10-year-old Grace Budd. Year 1928 mcmxxviii ) was a leap year starting on Sunday of the, gregorian calendar, the 1928th year of the. 2000 ) January 27 January 28 Jorge Zorreguieta, Argentine businessman, politician (d. Much of this event has been lost in time, and since forensic science was still developing, the cause was never discovered. 2018 ) Jacqueline Desmarais, Canadian billionaire philanthropist (d. 2012 ) Arman, French artist (d. 1999 ) Sally Oppenheim-Barnes, English politician Bernice Rubens, British novelist (d. 2017 ) Nicolas Roeg, English film director (d. August 16 Serial killer Carl Panzram is arrested in Washington,.C., for burglary. 2017 ) October 27 Maria Fernanda, Brazilian actress Datta Gaekwad, Indian cricketer Waldo Holmes, American musician and songwriter Thomas Perrin, Australian cricketer Shulamit Aloni, Israeli politician (d.

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