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Markup Renders as 'HyperText Markup Language' HyperText Markup Language ins ins. Markup Renders as bloc" HyperText Markup Language /bloc" HyperText Markup Language Templates:" ; supports pre-formatted attribution and source parameters. A b c d "High-rise erotische massage koppels salon massage erotique buildings in Houston". Attributes and values: dir Specifies the text direction. 10, there are currently four buildings under construction that are planned to rise at least 427 feet (130 m). Skyline of Houston (Use cursor to identify buildings). Double attributes are discarded. Markup Renders as strong HyperText Markup Language /strong HyperText Markup Language Templates: strong sub Further information: WP:subscript sub. El Paso Energy Building, completed in 1962. p * This is dominant wit rimmen in schagen a different item. Crlf2 adds a true carriage return and line feed. Markup Renders as time 10:00 /time Attributes: datetime Support: Not supported by Internet Explorer 8 and below. There has been very little implementation of this element in Wikipedia yet. Markup Renders as samp HyperText Markup Language /samp HyperText Markup Language Templates: samp applies monospace styling, and gives the text in dark grey to distinguish from code ( code ) and input ( kbd or kbd ). Pre2 wraps or uses scrollbox. Markup Renders as code HyperText Markup Language /code HyperText Markup Language Templates: code uses syntaxhighlight. This is a different item. "Miami (completed / under construction / topped out 150m. Markup Renders as table border1 tr td data /td td data /td /tr /table Caption data data Attributes: caption : Allowed but obsolete: align 3 thead, tfoot, tbody thead, tfoot and tbody are not supported, but are automatically generated when the page is rendered. Wikipedia's Manual of Style recommends their use in certain cases. Both versions of the break are supported by html5. s is used to indicate content that is no longer accurate or relevant and that has been struck from the page. Parser tags gallery, includeonly, noinclude, nowiki, onlyinclude, pre Extension tags categorytree, ce, chem, charinsert, graph, hiero, imagemap, indicator, inputbox, mapframe, math, math chem, poem, ref, references, score, section, syntaxhighlight (alias source templatedata, timeline See also References External links). A b "Heritage Plaza".

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Elements These html elements are supported by the MediaWiki software. "Four Leaf Towers I". Markup Renders as b HyperText Markup Language /b HyperText Markup Language Wikimarkup: Use ' to open and close bold text. Lang: primary language for the contents of the element per. No formatting is applied when this tag is used. Tidy was never perfect and has been known to introduce errors. Markup Renders as This is span text. Retrieved July 30, 2017.