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The notability of a fringe theory must be judged by statements from verifiable and reliable sources, not the proclamations of its adherents. 2, and for writers and editors of Wikipedia articles to write about controversial ideas in a neutral manner, it is of vital importance that they simply restate what is said by independent secondary sources of reasonable reliability and quality. Denied by all four Beatles (including McCartney, who is alive and well as of 2018 this conspiracy theory was fueled by "clues" found among The Beatles' many recordings. Diese Online Spiele sind kostenlos Einfach weiter unten auf die Links der Online Spiele Webseiten klicken und diese gratis besuchen! Not sufficiently notable for dedicated articles: Theories of Booth's escape The page on John Wilkes Booth includes descriptions of conspiracy theories contending that Booth eluded his pursuers and escaped.

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Statements about the truth of a theory must be based upon independent reliable sources. Articles about fringe theories sourced solely from a single primary source (even when it is peer reviewed) may be excluded from Wikipedia on notability grounds. By parity of sources, critiques of that material can likewise be gleaned from reliable websites and books that are not peer reviewed. In the left menu you can find the mentioned sex categories. Sexkontakte, Casual Dating und, sex Kontakte für Österreich, einfach auf die Links weiter unten klicken und diese kostenlos besuchen! Adultchat Adult Chat Amateur Communitiy Adultchat or adult chat websites like Visit-X are so called amateur communities, where you can chat and flirt via webcam and videochat with women, couples and men.

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9 Peer review is an important feature of reliable sources that discuss scientific, historical or other academic ideas, but it is not the same as acceptance by the scientific community. (2003) Echo of the Big Bang Princeton University Press pg 7 Publisher. For example, since the universal scientific view is that perpetual motion is impossible, any purported perpetual motion mechanism (e.g. Retrieved from " ". Sommigen vinden het heel belangrijk, daarom zijn er zovelen op zoek naar een levenspartner. Amateur Erotik und Sexkontakte Seite, die sich auf erotische Themen wie Sex Chat, Chatroulette, Sexdating und Sexpartner spezialisiert hat. Excludes parts of Indonesia, island territories in Southeast Asia (UN region) frequently reckoned in this region.

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Reliable sources on Wikipedia may include peer-reviewed journals; books published by university presses; university-level textbooks; magazines, journals, and books published by respected publishing houses; and mainstream newspapers. The rumour has been the topic of much sociological examination because its development, growth and rebuttal took place very publicly, owing to The Beatles' enormous popularity. However, meeting this standard indicates only that the idea may be discussed in other articles, not that it must be discussed in a specific article. For more criteria, see Trefil, James. Armenia is sometimes considered geile meiden seks blote kut op straat a transcontinental country: geile meiden seks blote kut op straat physiographically in Western Asia, it has historical and sociopolitical connections with Europe. Excludes Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands ( Australian external territories in the Indian Ocean southwest of Indonesia ). It is also best to avoid hiding all disputations in an end criticism section, but instead work for integrated, easy to read, and accurate article prose. We use the term fringe theory in a very broad sense to describe an idea that departs significantly from the prevailing views or mainstream views in its particular field. Pseudoscience generally proposes changes in the basic laws of nature to allow some phenomenon which the supporters want to believe occurs, but lack the strong scientific evidence or rigour that would justify such major changes. For instance, continental drift was heavily criticized because there was no known mechanism for continents to move and the proposed mechanisms were implausible. Wikipedia primarily focuses on the state of knowledge today, documenting the past when appropriate (identifying it as such and avoiding speculation about the future. Examples Astrology There are plenty of reliable sources which describe how astronomy is not astrology, and so a decent article on the former may mention the latter. Policies discourage this: if the only statements about a fringe theory come from the inventors or promoters of that theory, then " What Wikipedia is not " rules come into play. A claim of peer review is not an indication that the journal is respected, or that any meaningful peer review occurs. "An electron has a mass that is approximately 1/1836 that of the proton." Claims derived from fringe theories should be carefully attributed to an appropriate source and located within a context.g. A fringe subject (a fringe theory, organization or aspect of a fringe theory) is considered notable enough for a dedicated article if it has been referenced extensively, and in a serious and reliable manner, by major publications that are independent of their promulgators and popularizers. Bitcoins könnt Ihr völlig kostenlos verdienen Einfach weiter unten die Bitcoin Links kostenlos besuchen! Paul is dead a famous urban legend alleging that Paul McCartney of The Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike, sound-alike duplicate named William Campbell. However the very existence of this strong opinion, and vigorous discussion regarding it among groups such as scientists, scientific journals, educational institutions, political institutions, and courts of law give the idea itself more than adequate notability to have articles about it on Wikipedia. Criticisms of fringe theories should be reported on relative to the visibility, notability, and reliability of the sources that do the criticizing. Primary sources about research and investigations should only be used to verify the text and should not be relied on exclusively as doing so would violate Wikipedia's policies on original research. For example, the Book of Genesis itself should be primarily covered as a work of ancient literature, as part of the Hebrew or Christian Bible, or for its theological significance, rather than as a cosmological theory. Wikipedia is not a forum for original research. Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell ) may be treated as pseudoscience. While pseudoscience may, in some cases, be significant to an article, it should not obfuscate the description or prominence of the mainstream views. Scholarly opinion is generally the most authoritative source to identify the mainstream view. Otherwise it is not notable enough for a dedicated article in Wikipedia. Figures include Nakhchivan, an autonomous exclave of Azerbaijan bordered by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. Sexkontakte für, deutschland, diese sind ebenfalls kostenlos und können weiter unten völlig gratis besucht werden!

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Wikipedia is not a place to right great wrongs. Sex Chat Webseiten wie Slutroulette, eine sogenannte Chatroulette bzw. Academic and peer-reviewed publications are usually the most reliable sources in areas where they are available, but material from reliable non-academic sources may also be used in these areas. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of PRC. Sexglitter ist eine Sex bzw. The no original research policy strongly encourages the collection and organization of information from existing secondary sources, and allows for careful use of primary sources. Papua New Guinea is often considered part of Australasia as well as Melanesia. Should any inconsistency arise between this guideline and the content policies, the policies take precedence. See, wikipedia:Fringe theories/Arbitration cases.

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